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As a pioneering cladding maintenance expert, our expertise is requested for unusual maintenance projects. Distribution centre? Auction hall? Shipyard? Airplane hangar? Cooling tower? If your structure is big and challenging to maintain, our specialists are at their best.

The success of our high-quality maintenance services is mostly the result of our well-coordinated work method. From inventory up through delivery. We implement the following steps.

Step 1
Inventory of the assignment, the planning and estimate

Before we begin, it is good to know what the cladding maintenance entails exactly and what the client’s specific wishes are. That is why we use a clear checklist to establish an estimate for the assignment.

Step 2
Action plan

Executing a proper cladding maintenance can only be safeguarded if the preparations are correct. So, every assignment will also have its own manual. This will include a list of materials, tools and people. The action plan will often also include a maintenance advisory.

Step 3

One of the unique USPs of SkyClean is the minimal amount of disturbance we cause during our maintenance work activities. This is only possible because we carry out all our cladding maintenance assignments like a well-organised operation. Logistical organisations in particular, recognise the benefit of using the SkyClean work method while they continue their work without interruption.

Step 4

Our work is only finished once the client is completely satisfied with the quality of the cladding cleaning. That is why the end of every assignment is followed by an official acceptance.

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