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Do we experience a lot of inconvenience from SkyClean's work?

We ensure that disruption from work is minimal. Our aerial platforms with their own water tanks reduce the need for hoses across the site, and we carefully plan which facades can be worked on and when. Intensive consultation always takes place, especially during painting work, to ensure that we cause as little inconvenience as possible. Our goal is to minimize our presence and impact on your daily operations.

What are the costs associated with cleaning, painting and repair services?

At SkyClean we do not charge fixed prices for our services; these depend on various factors such as the size of the facade, the required maintenance and any obstacles. For a precise quote, we first carry out an extensive inspection. On this basis we provide a clear and detailed quotation. Contact us for personal advice and quotation.

What guarantee do I get on work?

SkyClean guarantees craftsmanship for every project. We tailor the specific warranty to the job and in consultation with suppliers. For refinishing we offer a standard 10-year warranty on the coating.

Where does SkyClean operate?

SkyClean operates throughout Europe. Our extensive experience and local knowledge within these regions allows us to serve our customers efficiently and effectively, regardless of the location of their property. Our goal is to provide top quality service wherever you are located.

Who are our services intended for?

SkyClean provides services to three main types of customers: owners, property managers, and tenants of logistics and industrial real estate. Our goal is to provide each customer with tailor-made solutions that meet their specific needs, whether it concerns cleaning, spraying, or facade repair. Our expertise enables us to provide extensive support and ensure the optimal condition of your property.

Are your cleaning techniques and products environmentally friendly?

Naturally, we try to minimize the impact on the environment with every choice we make. For each project, we determine which resources are used.

How much surface area can be cleaned with the SkyClean brush machine?

Our state-of-the-art brush machine is designed to effectively clean up to 4000m² per day. It makes a perfect choice for both industrial and logistics real estate, and offers an efficient and environmentally conscious solution for cleaning large surfaces.

Which methods do you use for cladding cleaning?

At SkyClean, we adjust our cleaning methods to the specific needs of your cladding, taking into account the texture, type of contamination and material. Whether it is a distribution center, a shipyard, an aircraft hangar or a cooling tower, we offer both mechanical and manual cleaning. Our approach is always aimed at minimizing the impact on your business operations, with a keen eye for the unique demands of your project and the existing logistics processes.

How quickly can a cleaned cladding look dirty again?

The speed with which a cleaned cladding can become dirty again varies and depends on different factors. Location-specific conditions, such as the orientation of the facade (north versus south) and the proximity to pollution sources such as railway lines and motorways, play a significant role. Our SkyClean approach is specifically designed to offer the highest quality of cleaning, which means we have generally been able to maintain a maintenance frequency of once every five years.

Can cladding cleaning damage my building?

No, at SkyClean we use a careful approach to ensure that your cladding is cleaned safely and effectively. We use specially designed soft nylon brushes that thoroughly clean without causing any damage to the surface of your skin.

How often is it recommended to clean my premises?

The recommended frequency of cleaning depends strongly on the cleaning method used. In general, a higher cleaning quality results in a longer-lasting clean result, which allows more time between successive cleaning cycles. Thanks to the SkyClean concept, which stands for top quality in cleaning, it is often possible to maintain a cleaning interval of once every five years.

Do you always use the SkyClean machines when cleaning?

The deployment of our equipment depends on the specific properties of the cladding such as the texture and degree of pollution. We determine per project whether we use mechanical cleaning or a detailed manual method.

How much inconvenience do I experience during cleaning?

Your daily business will experience minimal disruption from our cleaning activities. Our specialized equipment is designed to work efficiently and flexibly, even in complex environments such as on top of trucks. Thanks to our self-sufficient aerial platforms with their own water tanks, we minimize the use of hoses on your site, allowing us to move flexibly between your loading docks without disrupting your activities.

What kind of water connection is needed for the cleaning process?

Before our cleaning process we can connect to every standard water tap. It is important that the water yield is at least 100 liters per minute and that the connection is available outside the building. If there is no water connection available on site, we offer flexible solutions such as supplying water via a tanker or installing a standpipe to meet the water requirement.

Why is it difficult to provide an exact schedule for painting work?

Weather conditions have a major influence on the planning of painting works. Factors such as sunlight, wind, rain and humidity can influence the performance of the work, so we may have to deviate from the original schedule. We communicate daily with responsible property managers and tenants to provide updates. If necessary, we carry out work outside regular hours or on Sundays to ensure that the inconvenience is minimal.

How does the weather affect cladding spraying?

The weather is essential for painting facades and has a direct influence on when we can start working. For best results and to ensure that the paint adheres properly, it is necessary that it is dry, the humidity is between ideal values, and that it is warm enough outside. These weather conditions are not only important for a good end result, but also to ensure that we can start and complete the work safely and effectively.

When is it time to repaint your cladding?

It can be difficult to see with the naked eye when your cladding needs to be repainted. We recommend having a layer thickness measurement carried out. This measurement checks whether the thickness of the coating still meets the standards and whether the façade has already been affected. At SkyClean, we offer a 10-year guarantee on the adhesion of our coatings, ensuring long-term protection and quality.

What are the benefits of spraying my cladding?

Spraying your cladding offers a cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing alternative to completely replacing siding. This method provides a finish that is visually equivalent to virgin material, but at only a fraction of the cost. In addition, we offer a 10-year warranty on this treatment.

On average, how long does it take to repair a cladding?

The length of time to repair a cladding varies depending on the nature and extent of the damage. At SkyClean, we strive to carry out every repair as quickly and efficiently as possible, with minimal inconvenience to our customers. We carefully assess the damage to provide a clear timetable so you know exactly what to expect.

Can metallic siding be repaired by you?

Sure, we can also repair metallic siding.

What types of cladding damage does SkyClean repair?

At SkyClean, we specialize in repairing a wide range of cladding damage. Whether it's damage to logos, boreholes, color differences, scratches or dents, our team has the expertise and technology to restore your façade to optimal condition. We understand that each damage is unique and requires a specific approach for best results.

How do I know if my cladding needs maintenance?

Determining whether your cladding needs repair can start with a visual inspection for signs of damage, such as cracks, peeling paint, discoloration, or moisture spots. Other indicators may include loose façade elements or visible corrosion. For an accurate assessment, we recommend calling in a professional. SkyClean offers thorough inspections where we draw up an appropriate recovery plan.