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Proper maintenance of your building and facade is very important for maintaining a presentable appearance but can be affected by various influencing factors over the years. Think, for example, of weather impacts, air pollution or damage. So, if you have to decide to renovate your facade, it's best to choose a sustainable and cost-effective alternative so that you don't need a completely new facade. The new coating provides a fresh look, offers effective weather protection and retains its color thanks to UV protection.

SkyClean is the European market leader in sustainable facade maintenance. With our broad network and customized working methods, we are able to carry out large-scale projects throughout Europe, regardless of the type of facade and the complexity of the project. We are happy to take on the challenge with you.

Our method for cladding painting

With our tailor-made solution, we take all the worries away from property owners, property managers and tenants. From inspection to completion, we take care of everything. We can spray paint your facade in the existing color or completely repaint it with one or more new colors.

Our work begins with a thorough inspection of the premises and the existing logistics processes. In this way, we ensure that your business operations are only minimally disrupted during the repainting of your facade.  We clean the facade, treat any corrosion and repair any damage.  We then apply the high-quality coating. With our water-based paints and single-layer application, we ensure fast processing without compromising on quality. We also offer a 10-year guarantee, which guarantees you long-term protection.

European market leader

We clean and renovate logistics and industrial facades throughout Europe.

Innovative techniques

From automated cleaning systems to the latest drone techniques, we help our customers achieve the best results.

Sustainable way of working

We take care of people and the environment by focusing our approach on restoration, conservation and reuse.


Does your commercial building need refurbishment? Do you want to modernize the appearance of the facade or rebrand it? Choose SkyClean as your partner for spray painting your commercial property. We would be happy to arrange an appointment to introduce you to our services. We are sure to find the right solution for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our services and solutions

Why is it difficult to provide an exact schedule for painting work?

Weather conditions have a major influence on the planning of painting works. Factors such as sunlight, wind, rain and humidity can influence the performance of the work, so we may have to deviate from the original schedule. We communicate daily with responsible property managers and tenants to provide updates. If necessary, we carry out work outside regular hours or on Sundays to ensure that the inconvenience is minimal.

How does the weather affect cladding spraying?

The weather is essential for painting facades and has a direct influence on when we can start working. For best results and to ensure that the paint adheres properly, it is necessary that it is dry, the humidity is between ideal values, and that it is warm enough outside. These weather conditions are not only important for a good end result, but also to ensure that we can start and complete the work safely and effectively.

When is it time to repaint your cladding?

It can be difficult to see with the naked eye when your cladding needs to be repainted. We recommend having a layer thickness measurement carried out. This measurement checks whether the thickness of the coating still meets the standards and whether the façade has already been affected. At SkyClean, we offer a 10-year guarantee on the adhesion of our coatings, ensuring long-term protection and quality.

What are the benefits of spraying my cladding?

Spraying your cladding offers a cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing alternative to completely replacing siding. This method provides a finish that is visually equivalent to virgin material, but at only a fraction of the cost. In addition, we offer a 10-year warranty on this treatment.